Angels & Demons

This post is my first English post.Angels & Demons is my second English book.I know my English grammer is not enough to summarize this crazy story.I just want to experience.Also who cares grammer 🙂
The author of Angels&Demons is Mr.Dan Brown.Dan Brown is a very popular American author.His book are mostly at the top of best-seller list.Da Vinci Code and Angels&Demons both of them.
Angels&Demons is about Illuminate and Church.Actually It talks about a secret war between in Science and Religion.Illuminate wants to destroy the vatican using an antimatter bomb.The antimatter bomb is stolen from CERN.The CERN is the center of Science,Vatican is the most important place for Christians.One day, someone send a fax from CERN to Mr.Langdon.It is said to “You gotta be here.We need your knowledge about Illuminate.”
Mr.Langdon is a professor and he have been made researches about Illuminate.First of all,the CERN had called Mr.Langdon and the CERN.They recognized a top-secret research that made by Mr. Vetra.Because of that Someone had killed Mr.Vetra and had stolen antimatter bomb.After that Vatican have called CERN director Mr.Kohler and they told “We need your help.Someone wants to destroy Vatican.”After this call Mr.Langdon and Ms.Vetra had been sent Vatican by Mr.Kohler.When they have arrived Vatican they recagnized a difficult match between Illuminate and Vatican Church.Illuminate have kidnapped four cardinals.And they have planned kill them.Mr.Langdon and Vetra just have five hours.Illuminate are gonna destroy Vatican at the midnight.
It is a long adventure for Mr.Langdon.Langdon is a brilliant professor and he experts on Illuminate.He has to decryption ciphers and find to Hassassin who kills cardinals.Mr.Langdon solve these equations at the midnight and he save the church.
Like i said at the beginning It is too long story.So that i cant summarize it with a post.
Now some quotes:
““Science and religion are not at odds. Science is simply too young to understand.”In my opinion, this one is the best.
““God answers all prayers, but sometimes his answer is ‘NO’.”
“Our minds sometimes see what our hearts wish were true.”
“Sometimes to find truth one must move mountains ”
“the most dangerous enemy is that which no one fears!”
“Science and Religion are not enemies. They are simply two different languages saying the same thing.”

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